The time is here! mRKD Public Beta Test!

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You heard it here! Starting to day, we are going into public beta test for the mRKD Roleplaying server!

In case you haven’t heard of it, mRKD is launching a Minecraft roleplaying server, using a custom mod pack, which is being maintained by me.

This beta will commence the roleplaying and the lore. There are a few unfinished things, but it will be finished by the time we get to public release.

Since we do not have the pack on the FTB launcher yet, please follow these instructions to connect to the server.

If you experience any bugs, please report them here.

If you have any suggestions for mods, let Mogey or True3vyl know!


Feed The Beast and more!

mRKDCraft is back with a Direwolf20 server! We have whitelist applications that are currently open. Head on over to our forums to apply. You can also find the rules and server information!

We’re currently running the Direwolf20 pack. If you haven’t tried Feed The Beast you should head on over to their website and download the launcher now! Feed The Beast is a launcher as well as a modpack that has many tech mods and some unique mod packs!

  • Minecraft version: v1.5
  • Pack version: v1.1.3

Here are some pictures from the server so far!

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