The Time is Forever!

Baldur's Gate
A screenshot from Baldur’s Gate, perhaps one of the best cRPGs of all time.

Baldur, So Great It Almost Shines

We’re now 100% self-hosted! We’ve moved away from our old web host and are setup on our own box. This should give us so much more control over the website. It took 2 entire days but it’s done! If anything is broken feel free to let us know by using our Facebook group or commenting here.

This is what Baldur server actually looks like by the way.

Baldur server, running on our hypervisor called Asgard!
Baldur server, running on our hypervisor called Asgard!

Thanks guys!

The time is here! mRKD Public Beta Test!

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You heard it here! Starting to day, we are going into public beta test for the mRKD Roleplaying server!

In case you haven’t heard of it, mRKD is launching a Minecraft roleplaying server, using a custom mod pack, which is being maintained by me.

This beta will commence the roleplaying and the lore. There are a few unfinished things, but it will be finished by the time we get to public release.

Since we do not have the pack on the FTB launcher yet, please follow these instructions to connect to the server.

If you experience any bugs, please report them here.

If you have any suggestions for mods, let Mogey or True3vyl know!


DarkRP Server is now down / Minecraft news!

The DarkRP server was under a DDoS attack and we decided to stop hosting it for now, none of us at mRKD will comment on whether it will return, time will tell. However we have some new exciting news about a Minecraft server that brings us back to our roots of Ezra and Agorath! Keep an eye out for that soon!

Short posts as usual,


DarkRP Update #2

As we are moving closer to launching the server we’ve made a few changes. The first of which is the primary map being changed to RP_HeadAttackCity_v1.

Here’s a short trailer put together by the map creator.

Next up we’ve nerfed the weapons yet again to be more inaccurate. This doesn’t make the server less fun in-fact if you’re standing right in front of someone you will be able to hit them the entire time. However this does create more interesting shootout scenarios and this has been proven over the past week of play-testing. We’ve fixed some of the clunky-ness of the Taser making it a one hit shot as well as being able to kick drivers out of their cars (though it does lock them).

Here are some smaller additions we’ve made to the map.

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Because the map now includes a train that can transport civilians from one side of the map to another we have decided to increase the price of vehicles. Class specific vehicles will stay the same price but other vehicles will have prices that will be significantly increased. Cars were also nerfed to decrease their speed, though by not a lot.

Still on the To-do list is a car tuner job, fixing the boxer job, and balancing car prices.

Below is a video showing some footage of the changes as well as a gallery of all of the screenshots from previous tests.

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A server host move, a website update, and DarkRP news!

We’ve recently moved to VlexoFree, they are an amazing web host and we’re extremely satisfied with the uptime and speed so far. (We’re now 100% self hosted!) One of our old members has given us updated graphics to use for the server loading screen and website header! You can check them out when the DarkRP server is up or by looking at the top of this page!

Now on to the goodies, we had our first public test of the DarkRP server on Friday and it went well, we’ve fixed bugs and changed a few things based on what we learned. One of the biggest changes was in weapons. We realized that weapons were really just too powerful and people would die left and right. Instead of removing guns, we’ve nerfed them considerably in terms of their spread and recoil. They still do the same damage but you’ll have a harder  time hitting something. We’re hoping this can lead to longer and more tactical shootouts as well as more arresting and less killing by police officers.

Update: Also the mayor can now suicide without fear of being “assassinated” and demoted by the server. However if he gets killed by another player he will be demoted. The same applies for undercover cops and the Mafia Don.

Update #2: Also with this comes the hungermod module being enabled. You will die of starvation if you do not eat. However hunger drains very slowly as do the effects it has on your health. Cooks are now enabled in order to sell food.

Checkout some of the videos showing the spread of each of the weapons and some testers having fun with them!

Individual weapons and their spread patterns.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day!

– Mogey

Direwolf20 Server is now offline and more(DarkRP News)

The Direwolf20 server has come to its end of life as interest in the server has died and the server has been in a crashed state since the 1st of this month and neither Kris or I noticed. So we’ll be shutting it down for now until we get a Direwolf20 1.6 server setup, don’t that that as assurance that we will.

Some big news, the DarkRP Garry’s Mod server will be up soon for private testing  if you haven’t already noticed the forum sections for it. We have been hard at work transferring our edits from the previous versions of DarkRP to the newest one and coding some new features. If you want to be a part of this testing period starting next week, please message me(Mogey) on steam! You can also message Kris and hope that he will respond!

Thanks everyone!

Direwolf20 Server is now Low Priority

The Direwolf20 server is now being pushed to Low Priority.

What does this mean?
This means a number of things, first and foremost a reduction in administration and moderation over the server, though whitelist applications will still be processed. Secondly there will be a reduction in resources being allocated to the server. This shouldn’t affect the fluidity of gameplay as we were already over-compensating for server resources. Third and finally, if the server sees a very small decrease of traffic it will be shut down with notice beforehand. We will follow our procedure of uploading the server world after it has shut down. (Note: This procedure is not always followed in the case that some server files may want to be kept private). The IP will be changed to


  • Decrease in administration
  • Reduction of resources allocated to the server
  • Server will shut down if there a decrease in traffic.


Thanks! Feel free to discuss @ our forums.

Feed The Beast and more!

mRKDCraft is back with a Direwolf20 server! We have whitelist applications that are currently open. Head on over to our forums to apply. You can also find the rules and server information!

We’re currently running the Direwolf20 pack. If you haven’t tried Feed The Beast you should head on over to their website and download the launcher now! Feed The Beast is a launcher as well as a modpack that has many tech mods and some unique mod packs!

  • Minecraft version: v1.5
  • Pack version: v1.1.3

Here are some pictures from the server so far!

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Welcome to the website!

We finally got this up and running, we also have a forum you can checkout by clicking at the top. You can also see a list of all of our servers and their statuses there as well. Feel free to have a look around, don’t forget to register at our forums! We’ll be using them for everything from announcements, community events, discussion, as well as administrative activities like bans and appeals.