Direwolf20 Server is now Low Priority

The Direwolf20 server is now being pushed to Low Priority.

What does this mean?
This means a number of things, first and foremost a reduction in administration and moderation over the server, though whitelist applications will still be processed. Secondly there will be a reduction in resources being allocated to the server. This shouldn’t affect the fluidity of gameplay as we were already over-compensating for server resources. Third and finally, if the server sees a very small decrease of traffic it will be shut down with notice beforehand. We will follow our procedure of uploading the server world after it has shut down. (Note: This procedure is not always followed in the case that some server files may want to be kept private).┬áThe IP will be changed to scorpio.mrkdgaming.com:25566


  • Decrease in administration
  • Reduction of resources allocated to the server
  • Server will shut down if there a decrease in traffic.


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