Direwolf20 Server is now offline and more(DarkRP News)

The Direwolf20 server has come to its end of life as interest in the server has died and the server has been in a crashed state since the 1st of this month and neither Kris or I noticed. So we’ll be shutting it down for now until we get a Direwolf20 1.6 server setup, don’t that that as assurance that we will.

Some big news, the DarkRP Garry’s Mod server will be up soon for private testing  if you haven’t already noticed the forum sections for it. We have been hard at work transferring our edits from the previous versions of DarkRP to the newest one and coding some new features. If you want to be a part of this testing period starting next week, please message me(Mogey) on steam! You can also message Kris and hope that he will respond!

Thanks everyone!

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