DarkRP Update #2

As we are moving closer to launching the server we’ve made a few changes. The first of which is the primary map being changed to RP_HeadAttackCity_v1.

Here’s a short trailer put together by the map creator.

Next up we’ve nerfed the weapons yet again to be more inaccurate. This doesn’t make the server less fun in-fact if you’re standing right in front of someone you will be able to hit them the entire time. However this does create more interesting shootout scenarios and this has been proven over the past week of play-testing. We’ve fixed some of the clunky-ness of the Taser making it a one hit shot as well as being able to kick drivers out of their cars (though it does lock them).

Here are some smaller additions we’ve made to the map.

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Because the map now includes a train that can transport civilians from one side of the map to another we have decided to increase the price of vehicles. Class specific vehicles will stay the same price but other vehicles will have prices that will be significantly increased. Cars were also nerfed to decrease their speed, though by not a lot.

Still on the To-do list is a car tuner job, fixing the boxer job, and balancing car prices.

Below is a video showing some footage of the changes as well as a gallery of all of the screenshots from previous tests.

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