A server host move, a website update, and DarkRP news!

We’ve recently moved to VlexoFree, they are an amazing web host and we’re extremely satisfied with the uptime and speed so far. (We’re now 100% self hosted!) One of our old members has given us updated graphics to use for the server loading screen and website header! You can check them out when the DarkRP server is up or by looking at the top of this page!

Now on to the goodies, we had our first public test of the DarkRP server on Friday and it went well, we’ve fixed bugs and changed a few things based on what we learned. One of the biggest changes was in weapons. We realized that weapons were really just too powerful and people would die left and right. Instead of removing guns, we’ve nerfed them considerably in terms of their spread and recoil. They still do the same damage but you’ll have a harder  time hitting something. We’re hoping this can lead to longer and more tactical shootouts as well as more arresting and less killing by police officers.

Update: Also the mayor can now suicide without fear of being “assassinated” and demoted by the server. However if he gets killed by another player he will be demoted. The same applies for undercover cops and the Mafia Don.

Update #2: Also with this comes the hungermod module being enabled. You will die of starvation if you do not eat. However hunger drains very slowly as do the effects it has on your health. Cooks are now enabled in order to sell food.

Checkout some of the videos showing the spread of each of the weapons and some testers having fun with them!

Individual weapons and their spread patterns.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day!

– Mogey

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